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Advanced Scientific and Technical Pathway for Soccer Players

Our research with Stirling University has included the collection of valid data over eighteen-months, during this period we have testing over a thousand players and have collected over 10,000 data sets.

This knowledge and expertise forms part of an evidence based methodology for the use in player development.

Our methodology allows a multidiscipline approach to player development.

18 Months of Qualitative and Quantitative data collection and research, Soccer PDP are now able to provide a measured and advanced approach to soccer player development. Our partnership with Stirling University will track players performance and improvements over ten years in some cases.

Where we differ, is in our ability to collect large data sets from players performance and assessments, with all research carried out at the university. Our programs are evidence based and not opinionated, we use attribute benchmarking, professional observations and personal development plans to ensure each player, coach and parent is self aware to the true potential of an individual.


Our methodology does not leave” player development to chance”, after a process of accurate measurement, focused development can then be used to support positive outcomes.

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