Providing an elite level infrastructure to the grassroots of Scottish Football.

Soccer PDP is a science-driven player development academy which uses long-term assessment, analysis and feedback to help players reach their full potential. Bringing ‘sports science’ principles to grassroots clubs, Soccer PDP lets athletes and coaches take advantage of resources previously accessible only to sporting professionals

Soccer PDP provides clubs and players with:


Training courses to improve skills and abilities specific to football. 

Big Data

Real-time data exchange using web-based software to monitor and progress the development of its users.


Access to experts in sports science who can assess and develop skills and technique, strength and conditioning, psychology, and nutrition.

Soccer PDP’s aim is to become the leaders in assessing and developing football talent. By creating the biggest database of football profiles in the world, we aim to develop players for their own benefit, which will in turn benefit clubs and the sport as a whole.

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