Giving every player the opportunity to be the best they can be

 "Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory 


Bringing performance analysis to grassroots football

Big Data

Big data driven approach to player development


major University research program

 "player development platform" supported by analysis, testing and research. Let us help you reach your full potential.

Stirling University Research Partnership

Over 3 years Research, Over 1,000 Players Tested

Testing completed by Qualified Sports Scientists at the University of Stirling

10,000 Performance Stats Across 15 different Age Groups

Research Program Specific to Football Player Development

Footballing Technical Ability

 15 Components of Technical Ability

 Benchmark Score promotes competition 

 Players Practice to Improve Scores

 Promotes Faster Feet and Agile Movement

Performance testing

Players Performance Tested Agility-Speed-Strength

Advanced Agility Testing – Reaction Time

Timing Gates, Jump Matts, Reaction Lights

Tested Across benchmark Testing Formats


sports psychology

Promoting Growth Mindsets

Players Assessed Across mindset Attributes

Parents and Coaches Assessment

Programs and Exercises to Improve Mind-Set

how do "your stats compare" to players on the system

Players Performance Tested
Sports Psychology Assessments
Advanced Agility Tests
Sprint 20m - Players Under 3 Seconds

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Don't leave your to chance!


£ 100
  • Physical Assessments can be Delivered at a Local Selected Venue
  • Coaches Team Assessment Analysis
  • Growth Mindset Workshop for Coaches, Players and Parents
  • Sports Science Workshop and Ongoing Guidance
  • 12 Months Team Support and Guidance
  • Full Access to Website Support Materials
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