About Us

Soccer PDP was founded in 2019 by tech specialist Jacob Gordon and researcher Dr James Dugdale. Recognising a lack of consistency in the assessment and development of grassroots players, they decided it was time to disrupt the football industry, offering an effective and standardised programme to support players through their footballing journey.

A Scientific Approach

Everything Soccer PDP does is backed by scientific theory. Developed by leading academics at the University of Stirling, the programme draws on the latest scientific advances and understanding, providing accurate assessment to track the progress of players throughout their careers. With support from an international research network of collaborators, the academy is designed to bring an inclusive and standardised approach to the development of grassroots football. 

Creating a highly accurate “football CV”, player development can be continuously tracked and benchmarked against their previous performances and the results of others. Providing an in-depth development network across four key pillars, the player can maximise their potential and realise their long-term ambitions within the game.

Our Values


Using an in-depth scientific approach, led by Dr James Dugdale from the University of Stirling, the programme is underpinned by a significant body of academic research.


Soccer PDP’s academy is pioneering the value of science in youth/grassroots football coaching, using experts in skills and technique, strength and conditioning, psychology, and nutrition.


Soccer PDP’s 12-month personal development programme gives athletes of all abilities the techniques, support and education opportunities to improve their performance. 


The programme’s strong scientific basis recognises that talent development is nonlinear, and players mature at different rates. As late maturing individuals are often underrepresented in elite sport, SoccerPDP provides the opportunity for all players to develop in football.


12 Month Development

£ 100
  • Science-based assessments in physical and physiological skills.
  • Access to a unique ‘football CV’, including a breakdown of development across all four pillars.
  • Professional tips and training videos to boost progress.
  • A personalised roadmap to reach desired athletic goals.
  • Comparison with players of similar and greater abilities to provide a benchmark for improvement.
  • A spot in a dynamic and fast growing player database.

One year. One cost.
We are passionate about being upfront about what we offer, and cost is no different.

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