About Us

Our vision is of a scientific and technical soccer pathway to provide all

footballers with the opportunity to be the best they can be

University Partnership

PHD Research Partnership with Stirling University - Researching Player Development across Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition Relating to Soccer

Professional Guidance

Professional Support from Ex-Professional Players, Qualified Sports Science Coaches, with a Sporting University Providing Guidance and Resources

Grassroots Player Analysis

Bringing professional player performance analysis to all levels of Footballers. Our Online Development Platform provides evidence based support to players

In the Beginning

“Soccer PDP is the brainchild of an ex-pro soccer player who felt compelled to help grassroots, youth player development. Appreciating the complexities of multi age group development, we realised the need for a high level of specialist knowledge and a requirement to pull together skills from a range of different areas, this lead to partnerships with Stirling University, Scottish Enterprise and our Technology Partners Codebase.

The Research Journey

Agreeing initial PHD research study with Stirling University, we are now looking at a five-year research program, with plans to extend this to a longer-term research continuum. The research centres around the development of footballers aged 8-18 years, two years into the research we have tested all aged group players across all the levels of Scottish football. The first part of our joint PHD research paper will be published in the summer of 2018.

The Data

We have an estimated 10,000 data sets from elite to recreational player testing from over a two years period. In time this data can be further analysed to understand better more of the player development journey. The data has already allowed us the create development markers and benchmarks for the age specific groups within the study.

Innovation in Sport

Recognising other sports have been very successful through research and innovation we have taken steps to work on an array of technology that will take the intricacies out of testing, analysis and data management.

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