Over the last decade, the expansion of Grassroots football across Scotland and England has been an interesting phenomenon to observe. 

Where Soccer PDP can support grassroots clubs is in the development of players through Sport Science in partnership with Stirling University. We offer clubs the ability to performance test and benchmark player’s capabilities across a range of physical tests and mental assessments. We provide support to clubs in the way of workshops and development programs to ensure all players, coaches and parents are self-aware of the individual players development needs. More importantly, we can provide, through assessment a development pathway with specific guidance as to where the most improvement is required.

We benchmark players in relation to profiled data specific to each player stats on our system, we currently have around 1,000 players performance data to benchmark performance levels against.

For more information, or if you want us to visit your club, Contact or email [email protected]


Giffnock Soccer Centre (GSC) founded in 1995, welcome boys and girls aged 3 upwards. With around 200 volunteers and coaches makes them one of the largest grassroots clubs in Scotland. All new Primary age children will join the club via the Academy which is the pathway into the development teams. Giffnock Soccer Centre are one of the most forward thinking grassroots clubs in Scotland and Soccer PDP are happy to support the club in terms of their player development journeys.

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