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We provide a consistent evidence based development methodology and pathway for players aged 8 years plus. 

We guide players through their young careers to ensure they are getting the best opportunity “to be the best they can be”.

Accurately Measures Performance – Provides Best Practice – Monitors Progression – Accelerates Player Development

We develop players based on a solid and proven scientific methodology of testing and development

The programs Incorporates all the elements required to be a top-class performer

Testing and analysis Identifies any development areas or perception gaps before it’s too late

Provides a consistent development pathway to achieve your ambitions in soccer

Each Signed Player receives TWELVE MONTHS , Age Specific Performance Testing and Development Guidance from Soccer PDP in Partnership with Stirling University.


* A Performance analysis testing session measuring SPEED, AGILITY and STRENGTH (Booked when you SIGN up)

* Players aged 12 Plus will Complete an Online  Mindset Assessment

* Each Player will be analysed against similar profiled aged players  and receive a benchmark to show how they rate in comparison to other players on the system

* Each player will receive a comprehensive report on all testing  and assessments 

* Each Player will receive development programs, tips and guidance based on their performance and assessment reporting

* Each player will have access to our Online Development Hub

Our development platform is aimed at providing players with long terms development outcomes. Measurement of consecutive years will identify age specific areas for development and provide evidence based development improvements across all the attributes specific to technical ability, performance related speed, agility, strength, mindset and in phase two of the program advise players on nutritional preparation and recovery.

Imagine you can measure, track, monitor and advise your child as to the right pathway to improve as a player, this is what you are investing in, the future of your child’s development.  

Don’t leave you child’s development to chance ! 

Government funding has allowed us to carry out valuable research in partnership with Stirling University, we have invested in innovative testing equipment and have already tested over 1,000 players to support our development practices. 

* Cost to each player is £100 per year. It works out at around £1.90 per week or 27p per day !  

* Its less than a cup of coffee a week to provide your child with a year on year development process to support measurable and favourable outcomes.

A. If you or your child is already signed by one of our performance partnership clubs then all related testing, assessments, benchmarking and development programs will be delivered in partnership with your club.

B.  If you want to sign up as a non affiliated player (a player who plays for a club, but is not one of our performance partners), you can still sign up and receive the same benefits in isolation of your club without any conflict.

Step 1. Sign Up 

Step 2. Book your Testing Date and Venue

Step 3. Players aged 12 + take your mindset assessment

Step 4. Stats are uploaded to your profile, you receive your benchmarking analysis and comparison to other aged players, strengths, averages 

Step 5. Receive your full report with recommended development programs

Step 6. Access to our online development hub

Step 7. Access to advanced resources:-

* Advice and guidance  

* Player Mentoring 

* Video Analysis

* Performance Sessions 

* Coaching Masterclass Sessions

*Technical Ability Masterclass Sessions


Step 1. Input your personal details, Name, Address, City and Postcode

Step 2. Select your CLUB – If your team is NOT in the alphabetical list – email us your clubs name and select ? from the list – we will attach your profile to your associated club

Step 3. Date of Birth – Provides you with a calendar (In Order)  (a) At the top click the month – (b) then click the year – (c) choose the year you were born – (d) then the month – (e) then the date

Step 4. Email address, ensure your email address is correct or you will not receive your confirmation, if you don’t get a confirmation email [email protected] with name and date of birth of registered player, if your emailing from another email address input the email you want to registered under and we will update your records.


Step 1. Input your name as it appears on the card

Step 2. input you 16 digit card number (No Spaces Between Numbers)

Step 3. Input expiry date M and YEAR – Example 07 18 (not 2018)

Step 4. Input CVC number located on the back of your card (3 Digit Code)

Step 5. Tick agree to terms and conditions 

Step 6. Click Green Pay and Sign up Box

* Any wrong information in mandatory fields will take you back to the information to be changed or corrected

* Any issues with sign up process email [email protected] or call for telephone support on: 

Office Hours: 01786 599014 



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