Practice Drills

Basic Technical Ability is how you move and control the ball with it at your feet

These drills get progressively harder and they promote moving the ball at speed while under controL

We learn from repetition and practice improves technique 

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step 1

Practice one drill at a time, once you have mastered the technique with the ball under control – Start to speed up the movement of the ball from left to right feet till your at maximum speed, with the ball still under control. Once you are comfortable with the drill control and speed move to Step 2. Practice as much as you can compete with your friends – 3 levels – 9 drills.

Move to Advanced Level 4 & 5

Release Date (April 2018)

step 2

Download the speaking stopwatch- set start countdown to 5 seconds – set lap time to 15 seconds – this will count you down and tell you when 15 seconds is completed. Start the drill and count combinations from left to right feet. Keep you score and submit in the correct form for each drill and we will keep your score – practice and improve scores every month.

Join our League Tables – Invite Friends – Compete 

Release Date (April 2018)

step 3

Why not get a friend or parent to video you from the knees down only. Share your video on our facebook. Compete with your friends, practice and Improve. 

Level One (1)

Level One - Drill 1

Level One - Drill 2

Level One - Drill 3

Level two (2)

Level Two - Drill 4

Level Two - Drill 5

Level Two - Drill 6

Level three (3)

Level Three - Drill 7

Level Three - Drill 8

Level Three - Drill 9

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