The Learning Process

Learning and development takes time and patience.

our vision is to facilitate and inspire players to achieve their performance goals Through the provision of an evidence based methodology and measured pathway,  

Performance Development Program

Once you sign on to our player development platform our job is to ensure we give you the best possible chance to achieve your goals.

Assessing your potential is only the start of your development journey, we encourage you to grow and learn new skills to be the best you can be.

Our Learning and Development Team are all qualified and are committed to supporting your development journey.

We look to provide positive outcomes through scientific and technical programs, both innovative and measurable. 

  • Only through testing, assessment and analysis can the true potential of a player be recognised.

  • We help you identify goals to achieve your true potential, looking to identify incremental areas of development opportunity. 

  • Each development program is specific to the individual and is tailored to maximise positive outcomes. 

Please Read - about Your development

It all starts with - Mindset

Your development journey starts with understanding the principles of “Growth Mindsets”. 

The principals of our Mindset studies are formulated around research from one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation Carol Dweck, Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

Research focuses on fostering success in individuals, exploring how social practices affect mindsets, how interventions have the potential to change children’s mindsets to enhance their motivation and learning.

As part of our development program we are looking to apply the practical theory of this research to the learning and educational process related to football development.


Physical Aspects - strength - speed - agility

Footballers have many uncharacteristic attributes, such as size, agility, speed and strength.

During a player’s development journey they will benefit from a measured conditioning program to enhance performance and potential.

The next phase of the players physical assessment is a performance testing session.

With the test data captured  and benchmarks gathered we can now start to understand what the players physical development journey will look like.



Learning from Failure will help you understand how to be

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