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Through assessment and education, the programme includes measures to determine athlete performance and talent progression under four key development pillars:



Strength and Conditioning

Physical Skills and Techniques


Our academy approach ensures that players are connected with experts in each of these disciplines, supporting a holistic and personalised development path.


Sign Up

Sign up through the sign up page in the menu bar. Here you will be able to add information about your club, age group etc.

Book a testing session

After signing your club up you must indicate when and where you would like your first testing session to take place. We operate all across Scotland.

Get your results

After testing is complete you will be given access to the player development platform where you will be able to view results of testing as well as being provided with training drills to improve weak areas.

Compare results

You will be able to compare your results to players in your team after testing is complete. You will also have the ability through our player development platform to compare yourself to the over 1000 players we have on our system across an array of footballing attributes

Complete training drills

Alongside our science backed testing we also provide video training drills to help improve footballers weak areas of play. The drills selected are proven to be the most effective drills to see improvement in noted categories.

Map a road to improvement

The player development platform works to show players how other players in pro youth set ups are performing at the same tests to show how much improvement is required to reach the top!


Delighted with the service, communication and support from the team at Soccer PDP. Excellent throughout the whole process and go above and beyond to provide clarification and an explanation on what they are doing and why they are doing it. We cannot recommend them highly enough if you are serious about improving your football team and to have the infrastructure in place to do so.
Danny Burnet
Head Coach Bonnyrigg Rose FC 2008's
Soccer PDP has been a game-changer for us as a club and really helped to improve a wide variety of aspects of our team’s game. It is great that we can compare our boy's scores to players of a higher ability. As a Manager it makes me feel like I can actually show the boys what it takes to progress to the top as well as give them training programs with video tutorials on hand which only increases their motivation making my job that little bit easier.
Kenny Brown
Head Coach Braehead FC 2005's

12 Month Development

£ 100
  • Science-based assessments in physical and physiological skills.
  • Access to a unique ‘football CV’, including a breakdown of development across all four pillars.
  • Professional tips and training videos to boost progress.
  • A personalised roadmap to reach desired athletic goals.
  • Comparison with players of similar and greater abilities to provide a benchmark for improvement.
  • A spot in a dynamic and fast growing player database.

One year. One cost.
We are passionate about being upfront about what we offer, and cost is no different.

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