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supported by Science, players performance tested,  measurable, you can compare yourself to similar aged players, provides CONSISTENT GUIDANCE.

“takes the guesswork out of development” 

12 Months Development

Your Development Journey

  • Soccer PDP is a research driven and scientifically supported development platform built on knowledge, experience and expertise. The four pillars of the player development platform will help support and guide players year on year as they strive to be the best they can be.

We provide measurement, monitoring and guidance to each player, generating specific, individual development goals and supporting the player to improve in all areas identified within their plan  

Enrol your child now, so you’re not left wondering ‘what went wrong?’ when they reach eighteen

Don’t Leave Your Child’s Development to Chance

University Research and Guidance

There are many physical, mental and technical attributes which are thought to be an essential characteristic in football, but no systematic, evidence-based or benchmarking model exists to develop these attributes precisely in youth football.

While accepting an evidence-based methodology is the best way forward, the partnership with Stirling University provides invaluable source of research, knowledge, advise and direction.

Performance Testing

 We tested and mentally assessed around 900 players from elite levels of football to recreational players. This data and research formed the basis of our motivation to build an online player development platform to measure attributes, identify development benchmarks and monitor progression of players.

Once you sign up to the player development platform you will instantly be able to book your regional performance testing analysis session


There will be many factors which impact on a child’s development journey from the age of eight. Mindsets during this time will be influenced by relationships, experiences and environment. Widely accepted research suggests your mindset forms an important part of the development process. With guidance from the university mindset assessment and development starts at the age of twelve

Promoting the principals of growth mindsets forms part of a player’s development journey. All psychological assessments and guidance is provided in partnership with Stirling University.


Even without playing sport its very important children are nourished and well hydrated. 

While its logical to accept as we grow there will be variable performance demands a balanced diet can positively affect. This said a poor diet can have a reverse effect on a player’s performance. As the player moves from mid-childhood, through pre-teens to adolescent this will vary based on an individual’s gender, age, body type and the level of sport they play. 

Later this year we will be introducing nutrition to the development program, in the meantime please see link for best practice guidance from the British Nutritional Council.

Guidance and Learning

Specific to age and development needs – based on testing – assessments – analysis, players will be provided with guidance and learning materials for a 12 month period.

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